czwartek, 21 stycznia 2016

Getting to know London

This week we are celebrating the English Week at our school. We are having a lot of culture-focused lessons. We learnt a lot of interesting things about English speaking countries. Today, there was also the Day of Foreign Languages. We were getting to know with different cultures. At all the subjects we were making various interesting projects. There was also a contest about foreign languages. We had a lot of fun, especially when we were singing "Are you sleeping, Mr John?" song in different languages, even those we don't know or trying to read tongue twisters. It was hillarious. This week was a proof that studying may be fun and pleasure.

Happy winter holidays to everyone!!!
            Members of the English Reading Club

Look at the wonderful work done by Emilia in

poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

Newspaper Chase 3

Recently, we have finished reading a detective story “Newspaper Chase.”  It tells about Harry Black who is a thief. One night, he steals an expensive old painting. At this time the man’s problems start…
For more information, look into the book.
Have a nice time!
A member of the Club

Newspaper Chase 2

I’m reading a book now. Its title is “Newspaper Chase.” I think this book is interesting. It is a detective story. It tells about a man and an old painting. He steals it from the art gallery. his name is Harry Black. I recommend this book to everyone!
Try to read it yourself! It’s a lot of fun!
See you,
Marta, class 5A

Newspaper Chase 1

This month at our English Reading Club we have read a new detective story “Newspaper Chase” written by John Ascott. This book includes some very interesting plots. It tells about a man who steals an old painting from the museum. He hides the picture in a newspaper and under his bed. The girl from his house finds this newspaper, but not  the picture…
I won’t tell anymore… J
Read it yourself !!!
Greetings from
Hania T., class 5A

Newspaper Chase

I’m Hania. Recently at our English Reading Club classes I have read a book entitled  “Newspaper Chase.” It  is really interesting. It tells a story about a robber. His name is Harry Black. He robs a beautiful old picture from an art gallery and breaks a blue vase. He hides the picture in the newspaper and under the bed in his hired room in Mrs Allen’s house. One day, Janey, Mrs Allen’s daughter, puts some old newspapers into  a recycling box. Then, she takes the box to the recycling car. Harry Black sees that and he runs after the car and …
Read yourself !!!
Best wishes,
Hania from class VA

The Nightingale and the Rose

Recently, at our English Reading Club classes we have read a short story entitled “The Nightingale and the Rose” by Oscar Wilde. In the book there is a very interesting story. There are four main characters: a young man, a nightingale, a beautiful girl and a rose. The author tells us important things about life, love and friendship.
I recommend this story to everyone, because although it is short you can learn a lot from it.
Love from,
Hania T., class 5a, a member of the Club